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IMPORTANT: It has come to the attention of the Best Of British Shorthairs Group that kittens are currently being offered, through magazine advertisements and the internet, to members of the public by some ‘breeders’, at discounted prices. However these kittens may not be the bargain they appear to be as some of the kittens are un-vaccinated, underage and sold without papers or pedigree. We would strongly urge all prospective purchasers of British Shorthair pedigree kittens to ensure that their kitten is healthy, at least 13 weeks of age, has had the full course of vaccinations, comes complete with a full pedigree and insurance, and has been bred and cared for by a knowledgeable and experienced dedicated breeder.

Please also note that only breeders listed on this site are bona-fide members of Best Of British Shorthairs Group. Anyone else advertising connection with the Group are merely using our good name and reputation to their own ends. Please be aware of this and check our member details for reputable, reliable and conscientious breeders of the British Shorthair cat.

Best Of British Shorthairs Group strive to ensure that ALL our members adhere to the recommended guidelines laid down by the Governing Council of the Cat Fancy, and we are always happy to discuss any queries a prospective purchaser may have.



Lynn Bull - TANNU British Shorthairs
Meopham, Kent  Tel:  01474 812907  email:
Kittens available:
5 month black boy, 5 month blue boy, 4 month cream & white bi-colour boy - Available now

Yvonne Young - HARLEME British Shorthairs
Abbeydale, Gloucestershire  Tel: 01452 532281  email:
Kittens available:
1 blue girl - Available now

Lynne Brown - LYNBRO British Shorthairs
Brierley Hill, West Midlands  Tel: 01384 352391  email:
Kittens available:
2 blue boys, 1 blue-cream girl - Available 24 January

Sharon Chance - CHARMODEN British Shorthairs
Coventry, Warwickshire  Tel:  02476 684350  email:
Kittens available:
5 month black silver tabby boy - Available now
1 cream boy, 1 lilac boy - Available 14 February
2 chocolate tabby boys, 2 chocolate tabby girls - Available 24 February

Jane Figgins - HYSSOPUSS British Shorthairs
Bolton, Lancashire  email:
Kittens available:
1 blue girl - Available now
1 cream boy - Available 14 January

Rosemary Wells - WESTENBACH British Shorthairs
Horsham, West Sussex  Tel:  01403 864174  email:
Kittens available:
1 chocolate tabby colourpointed boy, 1 cream tabby colourpointed boy - Available now

John Baxter - LEAHSBLUES British Shorthairs
Hemel Hempstead  Tel: 01442 236860  mobile: 07866 266477  email:  
Kittens available:
2 lilac girls, 1 lilac boy - Available now

Angela Oakes - ANGIESPURRS British Shorthairs
Blackpool, Lancashire  Tel:  01253 933782  email:
Kittens available:
1 black silver spotted boy - Available 3 January

Beryl and Gordon Wright - BERGORS British Shorthairs
Oldham, Lancashire  Tel: 0161 6339091  email:
Kittens available:
2 - 6 month blue boys - Available now

Chris Jay - JANSTAN British Shorthairs
Wakefield, West Yorkshire  Tel:  01924 260961  email:
Kittens available:
6 month chocolate male neuter, 6 month cream male neuter - Available now

Lizz Adair - LIMATZ British Shorthairs
Driffield, North Yorkshire  Tel:  01377 217743  email:
Kittens available:
1 black boy, 1 brown spotted boy - Available 16 December

Lesley Winder - WINDERSFAYRE British Shorthairs
Low Burnham, Doncaster, South Yorkshire  Tel:  07769 696590  email:
Kittens available:
1 lilac boy, 1 brown tabby girl - Available now

Laura Cooke - ACORNPAWS British Shorthairs
Ormskirk, Lancashire  Tel:  01704 841991  email:
Kittens available:
1 cream boy, 2 blue boys, 2 blue girls, 1 black silver tabby boy, 1 black silver tabby girl,
1 black silver spotted boy, 1 black silver spotted girl - Available now
1 blue boy, 1 blue girl, 1 blue spotted boy, 1 blue spotted girl, 1 blue-silver tabby girl - Available 1 February

Susan Newman - MOORMIST British Shorthairs
Newton Abbot, Devon  Tel:  01626 334242  email:
Kittens available:
1 red & white bi-colour girl, 2 black tortoiseshell girls, 1 blue girl - Available now

Carole Tierney - TABBISILKS British Shorthairs
West Boldon, Tyne & Wear  Tel: 0191 4380148  email:
Kittens available:
5 month blue spotted girl, 5 month blue girl - Available now
2 black boys, 2 blue boys, 1 blue girl - Available 14 January

Jeanette Knapp - KERNMERE British Shorthairs
Coventry, Warwickshire  Tel: 02476 681335  email:
Kittens available:
1 black silver spotted girl - Available now

Linda Krause - MIBELOMO British Shorthairs
Maidstone, Kent  Tel:  01622 744738  email:
Kittens available:
1 blue-cream girl, 1 cream boy - Available now
Linda is prepared to keep the kittens for their new owners until after the Christmas Festivities

Jane Best - LEONITARA British Shorthairs
Northallerton, North Yorkshire  Tel:  01325 378519  email:
Kittens available:
2 black silver spotted boys, 1 blue boy - Available 7 January

Jennie Edwards - KINDERPAWS British Shorthairs
Sittingbourne, Kent  Tel:  01795 472219  email:
Kittens available:
1 blue boy, 1 lilac boy - Available 20 January

To help further in your search for a kitten we give below details of members whose cats are
expecting litters and their due month: