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For your enjoyment we have included photographs of British Shorthair cats and kittens. Here you will find examples of different colours and patterns to help you in your search for the ideal cat for you.
These cats/kittens are all proudly owned/bred by members of our group who all strive to achieve "purrfection" in their hobby of showing and breeding British Shorthair Cats.

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Breeder Kittens Gallery:
The cute factor is here with some simply adorable kittens for you to enjoy. Lovely little bundles of fur and mischief – who can resist? This is a collection of pictures of tiny babies taken by their very proud breeders in the weeks before they go to their new families.

Professional Kittens Gallery:
Here we have a number of photographs of kittens which have been taken by professional photographers, and some of our very talented amateur photographer members.
Our grateful thanks to photographers Alan Robinson and Robert Fox for allowing us to include their photos, we are sure you will enjoy these beautiful studies.

Breeder Adults Gallery:
Please enjoy browsing through the pictures of British Shorthair adults and admiring their mature beauty. These photos of adults really show the true build and stature of the wonderful British Shorthair cat at its best.

Professional Adults Gallery:
We are again most indebted to Alan Robinson and Robert Fox for allowing us to show you here their superb photos, some of them taken at the shows following successful wins by the featured cats. The British Shorthair really is ‘Best Of British.’